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A new interpretation of magnetic power
Re-interpret magnetic power, and start benefiting from the torque we can offer with "isodrive". Choosing a design range that allows a torque of 2-8 Nm as standard with extensions up to 40 Nm was a special challenge for us - and you are welcome to inspect the results.

Start benefiting from the torque we can offer
You can see large drives from premex in a wide range of high-performance applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum and other related industries. "isodrive" represents the optimal magnetic stirrer drive for your new reactors, or when you come to modernise your existing high-pressure installations. The entire range of models can easily be mounted on a reactor cover with a flanged-on ring. The connection dimensions differentiate the ball-bearing or slide bearing versions.

Two by two
Two types of drive and two speed ranges are basically available. We offer a rotary current motor, activated via a frequency converter, or a ball-roller transmission in a standard Ex-version. Speeds range from 0-550 rpm or 0-1,150 rpm.

"isodrive" guarantees the purest, most direct magnetic power possible.

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