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Turboreaktor "turbo"

  Technical description (PDF, 511 KB)

It couldn't be more individual
A shining example of a customised product is our 4-stage "Turbo Reactor" which can be used as a batch system or for continuous reactions. Generally speaking, a "Turbo Reactor" is suitable for gas and multiple phase reactions. This product takes on added importance when it comes to the kinetic study, the study of catalyst deactivation and screening.

The design of the catalyst cage has been chosen so that it can easily be adapted to the volume of solid substance. Thanks to the rotor and the stator - the key components of the "Turbo Reactor" - an enormous agitation effect is achieved at a maximum speed of 4,500 rpm.

In the gas phase with 4 stages, the agitating system (rotor and stator) ensures optimal gas entry into the medium at the appropriate speed: this, in turn, creates the conditions for the optimal utilisation of the catalyst. The interior of the reactor has been designed with internal recirculation in mind.


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