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  Technical description (PDF, 334 KB)

Driven by sheer power
The drive power is transmitted from external magnets to the encapsulated internal magnets across mutually attracting magnetic fields. The "glenfiz" offers outstanding performance even at 20 Ncm, and it can climb to 90 Ncm. You can also choose between the standards in stainless steel, mat. no. 1.4435, or Hastelloy C22. Many other varieties of steel for aggressive media are also possible.

"glenfiz" follows every rotary movement
The "glenfiz" magnetic stirrer head follows every rotary movement - but it stays firmly in position in the reactor glass. Two Viton O-rings positioned behind one another give it double security. The recesses are enlarged on the Hastelloy or titanium variants, and the quality of the O-rings changes to EPDM or Kalrez. The size of the conical connection is NS 29/32.


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